Cravero Perforated Sheet is a family business founded in 1995 by the union of professional skills of its founders combined their extensive experience, gained in the same area for 50 years, creating a manufacturer of perforated sheets that can compete right away in national and international markets. In the processing of perforated plates in stainless steel, aluminum and copper

Sheet metal processing

Our production concept is based on satisfaction of customer requirements, without forcing him to adapt a standard product. Our strength is to create a customized product in the area of perforated sheet metal.

We have high production flexibility: our products range are from single sheet (not from tape) to a job order to design and measure or from prototype to medium series, with no minimum quantity constraint.

The plant

The factory is located in Sanfrè, in the province of Cuneo, which offers a splendid view of Monviso.

The perforated sheet are produced based on a specific production process, from mold making, a complete range of drilling rigs, with additional processes such as cutting sheets to size, final smoothing, calendaring and more.

Cravero Perforated Sheet has a full numerical control machines (CNC) with ad hoc system that enables it to create any type of perforated sheet of the highest quality, working with a design, on measure, even in small batches.

Mould construction

The workshop molds is the core of each manufacturer: the perforated sheet production requires molds and kept in working order built upon request.

Sheet made to measure

Our strength is the ability to personalize the perforated sheet. This flexibility is based on cutting capacity of the shear plates to bring them to the extent required by design.

Final smoothing
The manufacturing process ends with the stage of smoothing. This phase is crucial as the plates come out during drilling with a flatness less than it had to be rough.